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United States

NEW Guidelines
August 16, 2002


MMWR August 16, 2002 / 51(RR11);1-22
Prevention of Perinatal Group B Streptococcal Disease

Revised Guidelines from CDC

Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention

NEW !! New Group B Strep Prevention Guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention August 16, 2002

Vaginal and rectal GBS screening cultures at 35-37 weeks’ gestation for ALL pregnant women (unless patient had GBS bacteriuria during the current pregnancy or a previous infant with invasive GBS disease)

Intrapartum prophylaxis indicated

Intrapartum prophylaxis not indicated

Mom to Mom

Don't forget to check these important FAQ's. These sites were written by Moms for Moms. Supporting information is provided where possible.

  • GBS In the urine For those who have had GBS found in the urine in pregnancy
  • GBS Positive For those who have tested positive at 35-37weeks
  • GBS+ and Scared For those frightened by their GBS+ status
  • Previous GBS Baby For those who have had a previously infected baby
  • Induction/Interventions For those who are facing Inductions or are looking for information on various interventions
  • GBS Resources/News A collection of links around the internet for those moms doing their OWN research
  • Alternatives and Homebirth Under ConstructionA sneak preview of the information available on effectiveness and safety of alternative remedies. Any additional info that should be included, please email me at
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