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FAQ's and Links


  • Added Update to Notice regarding the upcoming change in the CDC guidelines on the Main page.
  • Added Notice of Group B Strep Awareness Month in July and Plan of Action on the Main page.
  • Added Jesse Cause Group B Strep Ribbon to the Main page.
  • Added Random Poll and to the Main page.
  • Added Alternatives and Homebirth pages to the Main page
  • Search My Site    added to the Main page.
  • 2002/03/25

  • Added Notice regarding the upcoming change in the CDC guidelines on the Main page.
  • Added a new page with an Previous GBS Baby from Lisa Porter to moms who are expecting after a previously infected baby.
  • Added a new link to the Jesse Cause GBS brochure. This site has a list of newborn symptoms.
  • Removed the Nav Bar link to Midwife Archives on GBS . This page is still linked on the Resources/News page, but has been removed as a main link due to the unreliability of the information. This link will be displayed only with a caveat on this site regarding the reiability and accuracy of the information.
  • Put the in-site links in a more prominent place on the main page titled Mom to Mom. These links are not written by medical professionals, but answer some of the more common questions asked by moms.
  • 2001/12/24

  • Refined the wording on the Group B Strep Positive page.
  • Added a new page with an Open Letter from Lisa Porter to GBS+ moms who may be frignened by the knowledge of their GBS status.
  • 2001/11/14

  • Added a link to a page of Canadian Resources on Group B Strep to the Resource/News page.
  • Added the following links to the Resource/News page
  • National Centre for Streptococcus -Canada
  • The Meningitis Research Foundation of Canada - Group B Strep
  • Group B streptococcal Resources from MatWeb
  • Group B Strep from The College of Physicians & Surgeons of Manitoba
  • Canada Communicable Disease Report - Volume 22-6, 15 March 1996
  • Canadian Medical Association Journal 2001;164(4):479-85
  • Paediatr Child Health 1999;4(7):465-469
  • Paediatr Child Health 1999;4(4):257-263
  • 2001/10/30

  • Added new Medscape Article to Resources/News page
    Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Neonatal Group B Streptococcal Disease,
    Tamara Walker, MD, Benjamin Estrada, MD, University of South Alabama College of Medicine, Mobile,
    Infections in Medicine, Infect Med 18(9):419-427, 2001. 2001 Cliggott Publishing Co., Division of SCP/Cliggott Communications, Inc.
  • Added an Alternative Remedy section to the Resources/News page with links to Gloria Lemay's Holistic Approach and GBS and Homebirth - Notes from Midwifery Today
  • 2001/08/01

  • Changed the links for the Ivillage page to one ParentsPlace repository.
  • Added the ivillage logo to the Resource/News page.
  • Changed the format of the Add a Link option on the Resource/News page
  • 2001/07/28

  • Added Bravenet's What's New Email Notification for changes to this page.
  • Added Bravenet's Free for All Links for visitors to add their own GBS related link to the Resource/News page.
  • 2001/07/26

  • Redesigned the Navigation bar.
  • Added What's New.
  • Removed Geocities GBS Links page.
  • 2001/07/17

  • Added sources to GBS in the Urine FAQ.
  • Added Interventions/Inductions Page.
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