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Mrs. Maloney, I recieved your email and would like to answer your question, but I don't have a full email address for you.

I hope this answers your question.

Group B Strep is a perfectly normal bacteria for humans to carry. It is usually not harmful to healthy adults. Occasionally (in about 30% of the population) the bacteria can also be found near the birth canal. As newborn babies have imature immune systems, they may be vulnerable to infection from various forms of bacteria, including Group B Strep. With no preventative measures, 1.8 in 1000 of all babies will contract GBS disease.

Most babies born to mothers with Group B Strep are perfectly healthy. One in 200 of babies born to known GBS+ moms will become ill, with no preventative measures. However, with preventative methods, such as the administration of IV antibiotics in labour, that risk is reduced to about 1 in 4000 babies, or pretty much eliminated.

GBS is nothing you caught. If you were diagnosed late in the 3rd trimester with a vaginal/rectal swab, then you don't actually have the disease - you are a normal carrier of the bacteria (it's a digestive aid, I think). If you're planning on recieving antibiotics in labour, you have little to worry about. Your baby will be just fine.

There are certain conditions that places your baby at a greater risk. You might want to report to your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following before labour - rupture of membranes, fever, bladder infection or any signs of one. There are other circumstances beyond your control that may put you at increased risk - such as having low antibody levels against GBS, ususually high numbers of bacteria, multiple pregnancy.

The best place to start to look for infomation of Group B Strep is to read the info at the Group B Strep Association website.

If you have more questions, I'd be happy to help you find the answers. Please send me your full email address or post a message on any of the support boards linked in my pages.

I hope that helps,

Cathie - email